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Corporate welfare

The company implements the "5 days, 8 hours and 22 days" work system, from the physical and mental health of the staff, not to open the evening shift, to carry forward the "consensus, create, share, win-win" business philosophy and "people-oriented, the service of the society" enterprise culture.

All employees have performance bonus and year-end bonus after the probation period, providing employees with competitive remuneration and development space.

1. salary: base salary + overtime pay + post allowance + technical allowance + performance bonus + seniority 

    + performance, combined salary can reach 4000-5500 yuan.

2. performance award: according to the individual capacity standard, you get a performance bonus of 0-1000 

    yuan per month.

3. the seniority Award: a full year with an annual endowment of 100 yuan, and so on, 500 yuan cap.

4. overtime: on weekdays 1.5 times overtime =13 yuan /h, Saturday day overtime 2 times =17.36 yuan /h,  

    national holiday overtime 3 times =26 yuan /h.

5. social security: purchase five risks.

6. year-end bonus: a generous year-end bonus, a full year can get 13 months salary.

7. promotion space: the company has good prospects for development, career planning for employees,  

    outstanding employees have better promotion space.

8. other benefits: the company package (not deducted any cost), the kitchen independent management,  

    employees do not share their duties together to meal, weekly meals (fruit, drinks and so on),Annual

    Festival welfare custom gift.

Thanks to the development of the company, we sincerely invite all the friends to join us to create a better life together.