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Application of LED lens light source in medical field


With the rapid development of LED industry, LED has been infiltrated in various fields. The use of LED lens source in the medical field is characterized by high energy efficiency, good spectral purity, reasonable color temperature control, short response time, high reliability, long life and low life cycle cost, compared with traditional light source.
At present, LED light source is widely used in medical field and has obvious advantages. There are many types of medical lighting.
1. Regular lighting in and outside the hospital building: usually functional lighting except medical resources, medical guide and other information. The regular office environment uses fluorescent fluorescent lamp, grid lamp, ceiling lamp, lamp, tube lamp and street lamp. Now these lighting are basically using LED light source.
2. Peep lighting: used for focus detection and observation lighting. Mainly use projector, small angle, directional lighting lamps and lanterns, divided into two parts: inside and outside. Current products have been used as light sources by laser (LD) and LED. Compared with laser, the LED light source is much lower in price.
3operation lighting: fixed and mobile two types. High quality lighting for operation is usually shadowless. Xenon lamp has always been the main source, but the cost is very high. The emergence of LED has always had an absolute advantage no matter the effect or the cost.
4disinfection and sterilization irradiance light source: using ultraviolet light to disinfect medical instruments, medical equipment and medical utensils, it has the advantages of fast speed and high efficiency. In the ultraviolet LED light source has not developed when the use of mercury vapor lamps more, now ultraviolet LED light source has been applied, not only energy conservation and mercury vapor to be environmentally friendly and safe!
5UV irradiation disinfection and sterilization use ultraviolet light to penetrate the cell membrane and nucleus of microorganism cell, destroy the molecular chain of DNA or RNA, and make it lose the replication and activity function, and achieve the purpose of sterilization and killing poison. There is no problem of using UV to disinfect, such as the disposal of waste liquid and containers after cooking and disinfection.
6light irradiation treatment light source: the use of light biological effect, the use of specific wavelengths of light to make the human skin or some tissue cells to grow or inhibit growth, to achieve the purpose of treatment. At present, the curative effect of LED light source used in phototherapy is being highlighted. The LED light source has the characteristics of wide selection range of light wavelength, controllable radiant light, irradiated spot, pure color, no harmful spectral composition, and safety and stability of performance. Therefore, LED will surely become the first choice health light source for phototherapy, and it is a way to treat modern science and technology.
7pathological detection light source: LED lamp can send out the light from infrared light to ultraviolet light, that is, the wavelength range is wide, and the characteristic of its wavelength is also brilliant in medical examination. For example, detect erythrocyte sedimentation rate: 570nm green light can be used to detect erythrocyte sedimentation rate; 640nm blue light and 900nm IR light can be used to detect blood chlorine content. Bladder cancer diagnosis project: irradiate the urine with 488nm blue light, and observe whether the peak in the 550nm ~ 570nm green light spectrum area can be observed in the fluorescence spectrum, and the bladder canceration can be diagnosed.
The application of LED in the medical field not only replaces traditional lighting, but also creates new medical means according to its unique characteristics. In recent years, OUKE lens is also developing LED lenses for LED medical lighting equipment, playing a part in the forefront of medical technology.