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Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition "gravitational optical lens"

Several hundred industry names have been gathered at the twelfth Shanghai international LED exhibition recently. Among them, the "gravitational optical lens" has attracted a lot of attention. "Gravitational optical lens" is a "AR+ body sense" human machine interaction machine, with excellent quality performance. The styling of fashion technology adds a lot of vitality to the scene. Many viewers are attracted by the 3D visual interactive entertainment content displayed by the gravitational optical lens.
"Gravitational optical lens" not only deeply excavate customers' preferences, but also indicates the boundless possibility that the future augmented reality technology is widely used in many fields, such as entertainment, tourism, e-commerce and so on in the form of rich interesting interaction. It also provides the online drainage of brand customers with the seamless planting of advertising elements. Force support.
Compared with the mainstream LED advertising screens in the market, the gravitational optical lens undoubtedly has an innovative breakthrough in the overall expressive force. It transforms the traditional outdoor one-way advertisement into a variety of mobile scene marketing media, and is committed to providing customers with personalized industry interaction solutions. By combining unique brand content with the sense of body, augmented reality, virtual reality and other technical means, the user can guide users at any time in the entertainment interactive experience. Pick up the advertiser. The "gravitational optical lens" hopes to bring the storm - like visual shock and unforgettable interactive feast to the experiencer, as a basis for the spontaneous promotion of brand communication, so as to deepen the relationship between business and consumers.
"Gravitational optical lens" in building cloud advertising pool, content library and data analysis platform of fine investment is also very much looking forward to. It is reported that the future open "gravitational optical lens" content module in the content module of advertising and commodity management authority to break the drawbacks of the traditional digital sign advertising mode, from the real sense to solve the advertisers want to broadcast their own advertising. In particular, for small and medium sized businesses, there is no need for complicated processes and complex operations, only uploading advertisements / commodity materials, choosing time and releasing one key only with the login background, so it can be widely publicized for their own brands.
Today's Internet + era, advertising marketing has evolved from the media purchase to the "consumer group" as the core of the purchase stage, and the "gravitational optical lens" is precisely the development trend of this background environment, combined with its own advantages in the channel operation and large data management, grasping the consumer concerns. To help businesses to reach the target audience, and ultimately make the brand advertising more accurate and effective.